MD and Chef Team - The Show!

4 Steps to Gain Clarity in Your Future

August 09, 2022 Dr. Isabel MD & Culinary Nutrition Expert Chef Michael Season 3 Episode 17
MD and Chef Team - The Show!
4 Steps to Gain Clarity in Your Future
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☹ Not sure where to turn to get your life, health, business, finances, or relationships back on track?

Join the MD and Chef Team as they go through the 4 steps that helped bring them clarity to finish 2022 with direction and action.

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Speaker 0 (0s): Coming up on this episode of the MD and chef team show and you two got together and I go, thank you. I love you. Yeah, 

Speaker 1 (13s): Yeah, yeah. I mean, we're needing to add some capabilities on for what we're doing and changing. We needed to drop some other ones and we need to gain some knowledge in some areas. And, and this is it. It's a time now where you look at it where it can be exciting. It can be thrilling. It could possibly be overwhelming too, because when you're changing, it can be overwhelming. So now it's like, okay, 

Speaker 0 (42s): Welcome to the show from DMD 

Speaker 2 (45s): Chef team. 

Speaker 0 (46s): I'm Dr. Isabelle medical doctor here at the MD and chef team. And who are you? 

Speaker 2 (51s): And I'm chef Michael Conner nutrition expert. I'm the chef part of the team. 

Speaker 0 (56s): And what are we gonna talk about, babe? Now I can say that cuz he's my husband. 

Speaker 2 (60s): Yes. Well then we'll be talking about marriage relationships, parenting intimacy. We'll talk about mindsets of success. Overcoming depression, anxiety. I'll be getting into functional nutrition, recipes and tips from the kitchen. And we're gonna both get into how to live a long, healthy, vibrant life. 

Speaker 0 (1m 19s): Yes. I love it. Our mission is to help you prevent and reverse disease and give you hope in the process. Oh yeah. We like to have fun too. So let's get on with 

Speaker 2 (1m 31s): The shows. 

Speaker 1 (1m 36s): Hello and welcome to the MD and chef team podcast. This, the chef Michael here, culinary nutrition, expert a doctor on the mission. And I am joined today with a very special guest. 

Speaker 0 (1m 48s): Yeah, your wife. Hi. I'm Dr. Isabel medical doctor here at the MDN chef team. Welcome 

Speaker 1 (1m 55s): Everyone. Wow. So glad you could join me today. 

Speaker 0 (1m 58s): Yes. I'm glad you invited me into this podcast 

Speaker 1 (2m 2s): And yeah. Hey, you're here at the MD and chef team today. And so the podcast title today is gonna be four steps to gain clarity in your future. Cause I don't know about you, my dear. Well actually I think I do know about you. My dear is that, you know, one of the things that's happened to us recently is we needed to gain some clarity for our future. We needed to take a look at these steps and see, wait a sec, where are we going? What's happening? Because you know, I'm not sure when you're listening to this podcast, but for us at the time of this recording, it's about halfway through the year. 

And we had to kind of stop and take a look and say, well, if we continue to do what we are continue doing, is it gonna get us to where we want to be by Christmas, by new year's how are we gonna be looking, coming January? And we realized, oh, 

Speaker 0 (2m 58s): The answer was no 

Speaker 1 (3m 1s): Called boom. Yeah, the answer was no. So we needed to just stop, take a step back and gain clarity for our future. 

Speaker 0 (3m 12s): And we did. 

Speaker 1 (3m 13s): And we did. So if you were looking at any time, I don't anytime during the year, anytime in your life and things might be feeling a little foggy, looking a little foggy and you say, wait, I've gotta get some clarity. I've gotta get some direction here of where I'm going. Where is this all going? You will find that four steps in this tool today to serve you very well. Yes. So shall we get into it? Go, shall I? Shall 

Speaker 0 (3m 43s): I? Oh, you shall. 

Speaker 1 (3m 44s): And before I start in the steps though, didn't you wanna say something about, you know, leading up into our decision to say, wait, we need to get clarity here. Wasn't something going on with you? 

Speaker 0 (3m 57s): Oh, my brought you. Yes. I, I went through a period of two weeks before we kinda like got to the point where like, okay, we gotta pivot. Actually Michael had already pivoted in his mind, but he's a very gentle soul. And he always waits for me to catch up. So he waited and waited and waited. And I just, I went through a period where I cried every day for two weeks, I was not depressed. I was just frustrated, frustrated. 

I am frustrated. I cried and I cried and I cried and I didn't. I was like, what is not working? I don't get it. God help me. Yes. And after two weeks you took me for a walk on the beach and Capal 

Speaker 1 (4m 47s): Well, it was a matter of the timing too. Cause I realized, okay. And then you actually made a statement to me on a Sunday before going to church where I realized aha, you're in the mindset now where you're realizing too, that's something needs to change because you know, I had made up my mind about a week earlier that yes, we needed to step back, get some clarity, make some changes. But if I had said, Hey, we need to make changes. I don't believe you were ready at that point. But when you were ready, 

Speaker 0 (5m 18s): Oh, I was so ready. I was, it took, it brought me to my knees. I was that that's how red that's how frustrated I got. 

Speaker 1 (5m 26s): Yes. Yes. So maybe you're feeling that way too. When you're listening this podcast going yes. Yes. I'm frustrated have hope. Yes, there is. You can 

Speaker 0 (5m 35s): There's revelation just around the corner. 

Speaker 1 (5m 38s): So there is a process though, to gain clarity in your future. So four steps let's talk about step number one is step. The number one thing to do is look at your current status. Where am I at in life? Tell the truth. Be honest with yourself. And this might be something where you're looking to change physically, mentally business wise employment, all the many different relationships thing, you know, that you're dealing with. It might be with children who knows lots of things, but no matter what you are dealing with and you wanna make some changes, you first have to stop. 

What is my current status? Where am I? And then be honest with yourself, be 100% honest and say, here's where I am right now. And write those things down emotionally, physically, spiritually, write 'em down. Here's where I'm at right now. That's your step number one. Would you agree? That's a good story. 

Speaker 0 (6m 37s): Underline, bold highlight. Where are you right now? 

Speaker 1 (6m 42s): Yes. Yes. 

Speaker 0 (6m 43s): I don't have anything to add to that hunt cuz that just says it all. 

Speaker 1 (6m 47s): Okay. 

Speaker 0 (6m 48s): I mean you have to be honest. Yeah. You have to be honest with where you are right now in order to move forward to where you wanna be. 

Speaker 1 (6m 53s): Yeah. Don't kid yourself. Don't 

Speaker 0 (6m 55s): Don't kid 

Speaker 1 (6m 55s): T some kind of okay. You know, and 

Speaker 0 (6m 59s): I know, and don't say I'm living the life or I'm living the dream. If you are inside frustrated and don't you dare say, oh, I'm doing okay. 

Speaker 1 (7m 7s): Yeah. I'm okay. Well, well I guess if okay, is your personal standard then that's okay. I mean that's up to you. Yeah. But if beyond that is your personal standard, then be honest with yourself and say, well, I'm just getting by or I'm not happy 

Speaker 0 (7m 26s): Or I'm, I'm fine. Ugh. You can tell when people say I'm fine, you know, deep down inside, you 

Speaker 1 (7m 33s): Can hear it in 

Speaker 0 (7m 34s): The voice. Okay. Open up and let's talk. 

Speaker 1 (7m 36s): All right. Let's talk. Let's have a chat. Yeah. All so then next is all right. So 

Speaker 0 (7m 43s): This is number two. 

Speaker 1 (7m 44s): This is step number two is step number two. Yeah. Step number two is then actually no. Well what is that next goal? What is your next thing that you want accomplish? And that could be just a month. It could be three months, six end of the year. So, I mean, for us in the, this example, it was looking at what we wanted to achieve physically, emotionally and business wise financially at the end of this year, how many people did we wanna serve by the end of this year that we're currently in and what are we gonna, you know, just set that goal. 

Yeah. And having to look at that and we had to step back and say, okay, write those down. Be honest about those. What are we looking to achieve? 

Speaker 0 (8m 31s): Cause you gotta know where you're going. Yeah. If you don't know where you're going, you see our bra. If you don't know where you're going, I will finish my sentence. If you don't know where you're going, you'll be like a paper cup in a, in a parking lot in the wind. You'll just be flowing here and flowing there. Yeah. And you'll just end up wherever the wind takes you. But as human beings, we 

Speaker 1 (8m 54s): Move 

Speaker 0 (8m 54s): Forward by the picture we have in our mind. So if we've got a picture in our mind of where we wanna go, then our brain will take us there. But first we gotta have that picture in our mind. I've got a saying in our, in our kitchen and it says, hold the image, which means hold the image of what you want of who you wanna become. And we've had that in there for at least 12 years. 

Speaker 1 (9m 23s): A long time. Yeah. 

Speaker 0 (9m 23s): Yeah. It's laminated and it's hold the image. 

Speaker 1 (9m 27s): Yes. And you know, you made me think about an amazing story. That's so relates to this because as we then set up that goal and think, okay, well, why am I needing to make some changes? Why am I needing to I'm using the word pivot? Why am I needing to gain some new clarity here is because when, once we set those goals, we realize where we are. We set that goal and it's like, oh, it's not going there. Well, then we need to make sure we're concentrating on the correct goal that we're looking to achieve. 

And what made me think about this story was, you know, when we spent, you know, we were in Colorado for many years, that's where we met and our daughters were born there. But in, I remember in Colorado, there was a group of guys who used to get together and go rafting. And every year when they went rafting, they would be going down and they'd wanna be safe. And then they would point at the rocks and the rapids and say, oh, don't hit that rock. Oh, be watch out for that rapid. 

Don't go over there. Don't go that direction. And what would happen was when they talked like that, they'd be going down and say, don't hit that rock. Guess what would happen? They'd bang into that rock and tip over. And 

Speaker 0 (10m 44s): Cause they were focused. Yeah. Their brain was focused on that rock. Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (10m 48s): Yeah. They always struggle with that. And then one year they made a change and they said, okay, here's where we're going. We're gonna go down this path. This is the path we're taking. We're going, you know, and I'm not, I don't know all the technical terms of the, of the, the river and that, but they would be, this is the way we're going. We're gonna take this access down through. We're gonna be safe by going this way. And they concentrated on the way they wanna go and not what they didn't where they didn't want to go. 

And they went straight down and had no accidents, no flip overs, no nothing. It was all amazingly beautiful. And they're like, oh wow. 

Speaker 0 (11m 26s): We made it. 

Speaker 1 (11m 27s): That's a really different way of doing 

Speaker 0 (11m 29s): It. And I just wanna add, so the image they had was the image was in their brain was not don't hit the rock. They weren't, they weren't faced and focused on not hitting the rock. They, their image was I'm gonna make it down this pathway. Yeah. They were focused on, they turned their body and their attention on what they wanted. Right. That's so that's so 

Speaker 1 (11m 51s): Important. It's so important. It's what you want. Not what you don't want. You know, you focus on what you want. Yeah. And so the question you wanna ask yourself then is, and for us, it was by the end of the year. So I'll just use our example. We're halfway through the year and ha and the year. So if it's Christmas of this year and it's your best year, you've had, it's the best, second half of the year. What does that look like? 

Picture that, write it down, set it up. That's your goal. Picture it, set it all up and ready to go. How many people do we gonna serve? What great things are we gonna do? If it's for you, let's say it's health wise. There's some goals you wanna set for your health. So write those down and think to yourself. Okay. If it's three months from now, if it's six months from now, what does that health goal look like? What does that picture look like? If it just goes exactly the way I want it to do and then put that in your brain, make sure you have that room and just focus, focus, focus. 

I love it. That's your clarity direction you're heading. I 

Speaker 0 (12m 59s): Love it. Perfect. Yeah. Well said, that's the image you want in your brain at all times. And if you've gotta right. Hold the image and laminate it and put it in your kitchen cuz you're always in the kitchen. Yeah. Then do it. 

Speaker 1 (13m 12s): Yeah. Or the bathroom work too. 

Speaker 0 (13m 15s): We got, we got laminated. We got laminated notes all around the house. 

Speaker 1 (13m 20s): I've you played the bathroom few times a day 

Speaker 0 (13m 22s): Too. Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (13m 24s): All right. So step three of the four steps to clarity in your future to gain that clarity in your future is you're gonna have to put action in. So, and you're gonna need to keep motivated because things are gonna happen. So this step three is so important to understand, because this is, what's gonna keep you motivated. This is what's gonna keep the action going into achieving where you're looking to go with that step. 

Two goal you set up is why is that important? Why was the goal in step two important? Because yes, setting it up. I got clarity now where I want to go. I've got it in my mind. But as we all know, there's gonna be bumps in the road. Sometimes there's gonna be potholes. You're gonna fall into that's just life. So when that stuff happens, what keeps us going? 

What keeps us moving toward what we said we wanted in number two in the second step, this number three is why, why do you want to have that physical goal that you want? Why do you want that health goal that you set up? Why do you want that business goal or changing employment goal or relationship goals of life or spirituality in life? Why do you want them start to put into place? Get that into your heart. 

Why you want that? Why do you want to show up to make that happen? That's your drive. That's your motivation. That's gonna make the action happen and continue. 

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All of this has been made available by my genius mentor and medical doctor, Dr. Dale bison, who has been researching this for 30 plus years and wrote the best book ever called the end of Alzheimer's having Alzheimer's is now an option. There is hope for more information on how to get your pre-code underway. Look for the link and the show notes. Now back to the podcast, when life hits 

Speaker 1 (16m 19s): You and sometimes knocks you down. 

Speaker 0 (16m 21s): Yeah. I, and that knowing your, why will get you back up? Yeah. When you fall down, you know, a six, a winner is somebody who gets back up. Even when you get knocked down, you get back up. And the reason you can get back up is cuz you know your why you gotta know your, why your why is so important. 

Speaker 1 (16m 41s): I know. 

Speaker 0 (16m 41s): Or else you'll just stay splattered on the floor and just say, I give up. And then, and then where are you gonna be? You're gonna be so sad. So please know your why I so important. 

Speaker 1 (16m 52s): And it is interesting because we do, most of us do hear this a lot in life and we kind of go, yeah, yeah, yeah. I've heard this. However, through health coaching and other types of coaching I've been doing, I've become more and more apparent to me of how important this is. When people, all of a sudden I can see they're starting to fade from their gold, not putting the action steps in. I always go back to, okay, why did you start this? 

Why are you doing this? What's the purpose. And then once they kind of speak that out and get that going in their head again, you can just see it light up in their face. You can see it light up in their heart, their brain, their eyes like that's right. Oh yeah. I kinda forgot about that because I tell you if we don't, you don't set this step three up, you don't have any kinda why you're just gonna fade away. I mean, it, it really goes back to, to why do people set goals? Why do people at new year's set res resolutions and then, you know, weeks later, days later, even, ah, oh, well, forget it. 

They set it. They did number two, they set a goal. But number three, they didn't do because they didn't actually cement it in their heart. There's a reason that I want to do this. 

Speaker 0 (18m 15s): I like the word tattoo 

Speaker 1 (18m 16s): Tattoo. 

Speaker 0 (18m 17s): Tattoo it into your heart. You know? Why are you doing this? Yes. Because just like a fire. If you're not, if you're not putting in wood, then it will smolder out. So you, the wood is by you constantly every day knowing you. Why? Yeah. 

Speaker 1 (18m 33s): Important massively important 

Speaker 0 (18m 35s): Prescription. 

Speaker 1 (18m 37s): Yes. It's not 

Speaker 0 (18m 37s): Take your Y pill. 

Speaker 1 (18m 39s): It's not corny. It's not crazy. It's actually very, very, very important. Otherwise fade away. 

Speaker 0 (18m 48s): Yeah. So let me write you out a prescription right now. Here's your prescription. Know your why and take your Y pill at least once, maybe even a hundred times every day, 

Speaker 1 (18m 60s): As much as you need to. Yeah. Especially when you get hit around by life and you need to get back up. Yeah. Right back to the why I said, well, how am I doing this? Okay. Great question. Because 

Speaker 0 (19m 11s): A lot of people won't be around to pick you back up. You gotta pick your, you gotta be your own cheerleader. What's number four, honey. So 

Speaker 1 (19m 20s): Now, so, so far. Oh, okay. We know to gain clarity in our future. We know where we are. Now we know where we're gonna go and we know our why now we gotta look at well, what are the new capabilities? What are the new knowledge? What are the things I've got to learn and grow in to achieve what I said I want to do. Now, the example I'm gonna give here is recently Isabelle. 

And I did a pivot in our business where we made and you know, the word pivot basically means we made a change and in the direction and we made a change. But in that change, we needed to change some things. We needed to change. Some of our things we were talking about, we needed to change some of our language. We needed to change some of our knowledge. We needed to gain some more knowledge in certain areas to achieve that we needed to look at possibly. 

Maybe you need to bring different mentors in, or even if you're working with some mentors, work with them on the direction of where you're going. But it's now the step is okay to get there because what I've been doing so far has led me to where I currently am. But now I'm looking at some clarity going forward. So I've gotta add some new capabilities, some new knowledge, some things that are going on in, in my life that say, wait, I'm gonna add those. 

I'm gonna change those. I'm gonna drop those. There might be certain things you need to drop and leave behind 

Speaker 0 (21m 1s): Which we did. 

Speaker 1 (21m 2s): Yep. Yep. There's many different things. So you're going to the next level, you need to look at the capabilities and the knowledge and the things that you're currently working with and say, okay, are they working? Yes, no. Drop some, add some. What's gonna take me to that next level. So this is a little bit more, you get a little bit now more, a little more technical about what you're doing. It's so funny and analytical. Yeah. But you still do have to have this part. Okay. It's 

Speaker 0 (21m 31s): What now? Funny, fine. Cuz we're just doing this right now in our, I mean, right now you just helped me with something like that. And I was like a, this is not my superpower. This is not my superpower. And so I said, babe, you gotta help me. So you were working with a company that I'm working with and you two got together and I go, thank you. I love you. Yeah, 

Speaker 1 (21m 51s): Yeah. Yeah. I mean, we're needing to add some capabilities on for what we're doing and changing. We needed to drop some other ones and we needed to gain some knowledge in some areas. And, and this is it. It's a time now where you look at it where it can be exciting. It can be thrilling. It could possibly be overwhelming too, because when you're changing, it can be overwhelming. So now it's like, okay, what do I need to do when I need to draw? 

Because one of the things I have found is that if I'm adding newer things on, then I need to look, cuz they're probably replacing some things I don't need anymore. So I actually need to look at all right. Let's not just totally add things on because we all have a certain amount of capabilities we can handle at one time. Right. So if I'm adding some new things and making some changes, I also need to look and say, okay, what things weren't working that I need to drop off for now. 

Right? It might not be forever. Right. But for right now in this season, here's some things I need to let go put on hold, either drop 'em totally. Or just put 'em on hold. And as I'm bringing on new capabilities, that's gonna take me to that goal that we've set up in. Step two. 

Speaker 0 (23m 17s): I love it, babe. I love it. And also with number four, I would also add maybe a four, a 

Speaker 1 (23m 22s): Yeah. 

Speaker 0 (23m 22s): That's is your constant inner inner conversation. And the inner conversation is yes, I can do this. Just say to yourself, yes, I can do this now I'm 62. Michael's 64. And we're like training to be a hundred plus healthy tone, sexy and rocking and rolling baby. Yes. You 

Speaker 1 (23m 45s): Heard that. You heard that. 

Speaker 0 (23m 47s): Yep. That's it. And thinking clearly consistently for the rest of our lives until our last breath. So as we are changing and growing and pivoting and stuff, it's very easy. The older you get to say, oh, I'm too old for this. No, the inner conversation needs to change to, I can do this. Yeah. I can do this. I got a team. I work with the right people. I can do this. I am doing this. And that's my constant conversation is I got this. I can do this. 

I've got people around me. I've got smart, resourceful people around me to help me. I'm not on my own. So the inner conversation, a positive inner conversation is very important as four, a 

Speaker 1 (24m 34s): Four a. And what did you say also when you were just saying that about changes, learning knowledge, new capabilities, isn't that great for our brain health? 

Speaker 0 (24m 47s): Yes. It, so is it stretching our brain? So you and I will never have Alzheimer's because we are constantly growing our brain and 

Speaker 1 (24m 58s): Elasticity of the brain. Yes. Growing it, growing, stretching it, learning 

Speaker 0 (25m 3s): New things, 

Speaker 1 (25m 4s): Using that muscle, 

Speaker 0 (25m 5s): Learning that. Yep. Exactly. Learning new things. 

Speaker 1 (25m 9s): All. So to recap today on the podcast, we've been talking about four steps to gain clarity in your future for where you may, may be right now, if you're feeling foggy, if you're feeling like it's just not going and as Isabelle and I were both feeling frustrated in some areas of our life that we're like, wait, what do we gotta do here? We need some clarity. We had to go back and go through these four steps ourselves. So step number one is just, where am I at right now? 

What's my current status. And tell the truth about yourself to yourself. Where am I at right now? Number two is set that goal, whatever that may be for you, ours was halfway through the year to set up the goals and things you wanna achieve. By the end of the year, it might be a one month, three months, six months for you. Those goals can be emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, whatever they may be for you for whatever that timeframe is for you. 

The number three step is the big, big driver is why are these goals? Why is that goal? You've set up important to you because that's the only thing that's gonna carry you through. When life knocks you down for you to get able to get back up again and step number four is now what capabilities and knowledge do I need to add to get me to those goals? Because I'm gonna need to make some changes, cuz whatever you've done so far has taken you where you are now. 

And if you're gonna pivot and change some things, well, then we need to look at what do I need to add? What do I need to drop and what may just be on hold for now as I move into my new season. Good. How's that for you? My dear. 

Speaker 0 (27m 2s): Oh, that's so good. That landed very, very well. 

Speaker 1 (27m 6s): And may I say, would you say now we've just recently done this for ourselves, gone through all these, these gone through these four steps for ourselves. Would you say that it's a couple it's what? Maybe three weeks, maybe two and a half, three weeks since we've done this, would you say that it's brought some clarity and some real direction for the half 

Speaker 0 (27m 30s): This year? And it's just all easier now because I feel like I'm, I'm, I'm flowing that word flowing. I really feel like I'm flowing plus I'm sleeping so much better. 

Speaker 1 (27m 43s): Yeah. It could be affecting your sleep, you know? 

Speaker 0 (27m 47s): Oh 

Speaker 1 (27m 47s): It, it could be affecting your sleep and you might say, why am I not sleeping? 

Speaker 0 (27m 51s): Cause you're not because you need to change. 

Speaker 1 (27m 54s): And for me, I, I think I said to you that this to you earlier in the day, I feel like I'm fizzing. Yeah. You know? I mean I'm, I'm just, I'm bubbling. I'm feel I, the clarity is there. I'm feeling great about where it's all going. I'm waking up excited for the day knowing that yes, we got a direction. It's all going and it's starting to come into place and we're putting it in place, making it happen to you want to turn life into an exciting, thrilling time. Look at any area of your life. I'll apply this tool to it and it will help you to wake up fizzing in the morning. 


Speaker 0 (28m 29s): I like that. 

Speaker 1 (28m 31s): All right. Very good. Good for you. Very good. Well, thank you for joining us today on the MD and chef team. 

Speaker 0 (28m 37s): It's been nice. Yes. Thank you for your time, 

Speaker 1 (28m 39s): Michael and Isabelle here. Yes. Thank you so much. We do appreciate you coming and having a listen. If you love what's going on here at the podcast, then please subscribe. Like share comment. We'd love to be able to te touch more people in the world because we are here to serve and bring some great value to anyone who's listening and yeah, we're here for you. So thank you for stopping by. 

Speaker 4 (29m 10s): Hello, chef Michael here. If you enjoyed today's episode, we would love it. If you subscribe to the podcast and left us a review.