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Happy & Healthy Mind with Dr. Rozina

November 16, 2022 Dr. Isabel MD & Culinary Nutrition Expert Chef Michael Season 3 Episode 25
MD and Chef Team - The Show!
Happy & Healthy Mind with Dr. Rozina
Show Notes

In this episode, Dr. Isabel chats with Mental Fitness expert Dr. Rozina Lakhani, and discuss how to avoid burnout, and have a
Happy & Healthy Mind."

Dr. Rozina helps compasionate high achievers, achive nore, make bigger impact and income and income without stress induced burnout and without quitting their careers.

Drawing from her personal experience of overcoming physician burnout, Dr. Rozina aims to share practical mind-training tools to detect, prevent, and manage burnout using evidence based natural methods.

She is am MD Psychiatrist | Executive Coach | Corporate Speaker | Bestselling Author. She is alsoa Podcast Host of happy and healthy mind with Dr. Rozina. She is affiliated with the American Institute of Stress and has been invited to speak at several conferences.

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