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November 24, 2021 Dr. Isabel MD & Culinary Nutrition Expert Chef Michael Season 2 Episode 33
MD and Chef Team - The Show!
Life by Design !
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🔷 Dr. Isabel MD and Annie Gibbins get together in this episode and DREAM BIG!"

They chat about how to 

  1. Plan to WIN
  2. Prepare to WIN
  3. Expect to WIN

🔷 Annie says; "We can't just wait for people to give us approval. We haveto know in our hearts, this is the right thing to do for the world. And it's going to serve and add value. And I love, I love that you want people to go to their next level. And I just wanted to say, before we continue, ladies you are an Eagle and Eagles fly, and Eagles go high and you want to go high. I get that. And I applaud that."

🔷 As a Business and Life Success Coach, Annie Gibbins helps women who feel stuck, stressed or overwhelmed to BE more, ACHIEVE more and EARN more by calling out their limiting beliefs, getting clarity on their purpose, as well as setting strong business practices to grow, glow and succeed.

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Speaker 0 (0s): Coming up on this episode of the MD and chef team show. 

Speaker 1 (8s): I've currently, I've been the CEO of Homer Australia, which is an iHealth charity for the last five, four years, four and a half years. And I absolutely love it. And so I've got this crazy journey. And in there, I also set up my own consulting business because women used to go, honey, how did you do that? How, you know, how do you make it look fun? How are you still smiling? How do you, how did you say, you know, get through all the naysayers cause I've had a zillion naysayers 

Speaker 0 (34s): And that's what I want to kind of just stop. Welcome to the show from <inaudible>. I'm Dr. Isabel medical doctor here at the MD and chef team, 

Speaker 2 (48s): Chef Michael Coleman nutrition expert. I'm the chef part of the kid. 

Speaker 0 (52s): And what are we going to talk about bed? Now? I can see that cause he's my husband. 

Speaker 2 (57s): We'll be talking about marriage relationships, parenting intimacy. Talk about mindsets of success, overcoming depression, anxiety. I'll be getting into functional nutrition, recipes and tips from the kitchen. And we're going to both get into how to live a long, healthy, vibrant life. 

Speaker 0 (1m 15s): Yes, I love it. Our mission is to help you prevent and reverse the disease and give you both in the process. Oh yeah. Get on the show. Hi Annie. How are you doing? 

Speaker 1 (1m 35s): I am so well, Dr. Isabel, great to catch up with you again today. 

Speaker 0 (1m 40s): Please call me as about 

Speaker 1 (1m 44s): Loved the dump to bit, you know, he does love a doctor across the ditch, you know, as your friend 

Speaker 0 (1m 49s): Love it. Well, do you want me to call your nurse nurse, Annie? So tell me, how are you doing in Australia? 

Speaker 1 (1m 60s): We look, I think we're doing very well. Our government is certainly managed COVID to a incredible high value on health, which is amazing. Health definitely does rule in Australia over economy. And so I'm in Sydney, Australia, and after like a hundred days of lockdown, we got released yesterday. It's like, We're all like pretty supercharged. And it's just so funny. What do you do when you're just released? Right. People do funny, different things. Some people have been inside so long. They're like, I'm not too sure if I can go out yet. 

And then there's other people who have been queuing for like two hours just to go to Kmart, like who wants to go to Kmart. Everyone's had that opportunity to buy whatever they want online. So it's really interesting psychology of what would you do when you're first released? You know? 

Speaker 0 (2m 47s): No, it's like a bird being released from the cage. Like how far can I fly? You know, 

Speaker 1 (2m 54s): I don't know. But the serious thing is, you know, obviously just, you know, the tragedy has been, has been the effect of COVID and so many lives lost and, and, and yeah, but we're now up to we're heading towards the 80% vacs. So we've really sprung into gear now. And I think we'll feel a lot more comfortable moving forward. 

Speaker 0 (3m 13s): Yes. Yes. And here in New Zealand, the goal is 95% vacs. So she's got big goals, big goals. You said it. I did so funny. All right. Well, listen. How about if I introduce you to our listeners? Is that okay? Any, Because I don't want to forget to do that. Hi everyone. I'm Dr. Isabel, your host here at MD and chef team. 

And I want to introduce to you Annie Gibbons. She is an amazing woman. She is such an overcomer, and I'm just going to share a little bit about her and then we're just going to open up and I'll just ask her a lot of questions and she will definitely serve and add value to your life and make you smile and make your heart super happy. It'll be dancing. Okay. Annie Gibbons is a passionate dog, very passionate and purpose-driven fem preneur. 

I'm going to start using that. I'm a fem preneur, not an entrepreneur. I'm a CEO global women's empowerment coach podcast, hosts speaker, and number one, best-selling author. Her many professional accolades gained over 30 years, four to cross health education, corporate and FP. What is NFP? Not-for-profit great. And FP and charity sectors drives her to inspire and empower women across the globe to achieve success in business. 

In life, women from around the world are invited to access Annie's wisdom, gained through decades of applying and probably a lot of pain and tragedy decades of applying, proven life and business growth strategies, her waves, the way she shares her knowledge and works with women to identify, tap into and realize their own magic, the power, freedom, and confidence women gained, shifts them from where they are now to where they dream to be welcome. 

Annie, I'm so grateful to have you 

Speaker 1 (5m 24s): Such a delight to be with you today. I'm really looking forward to our conversation. 

Speaker 0 (5m 28s): When I was on your podcast, you shared a lot of what you started to do and things that you've done. I just kinda want to just start with you being married. You've been married for how long now 

Speaker 1 (5m 42s): I've been married for 34 years to my gorgeous, gorgeous, happy James. So he, you know, it was young love. He even went to my final years, year 12 formal. And when I were at school and then got married, engaged at 19, married it a 20, just a week after I was 20. I wasn't allowed to get married as a teenager. So we got married a week after I was 20 and apparently all was fine then. 

Speaker 0 (6m 8s): So that means, so that means to your how old? 29? 

Speaker 1 (6m 12s): Yeah, pretty much. No 54 this year. Wow. 

Speaker 0 (6m 18s): Look hot here. Where's my, where's my fire. You look hot, hot, hot. You look great. I can't wait to see you at a hundred. You'll look fantastic. 

Speaker 1 (6m 33s): Well, we'll see what that is. You know, Russian genes, you know, they might just keep Miele or Russian James or a bit of vodka, whatever it does to ferment your body. I'm not too sure, but you know, a combination, probably my grandma was actually Mike. One of my grandma's lived to 101 and the other one's 99. So, you know, seriously, I tell my family that unless I get hit by a truck, you know, you've got to be really kind to me cause I will be here till the end. 

Speaker 0 (6m 58s): Oh, I'm going to start my mom's 96 years, young living independently in Washington, DC. And I'm like kids, I'm not going anywhere very soon. Exactly. 

Speaker 1 (7m 7s): Exactly. 

Speaker 0 (7m 9s): And, and then you and your husband decided to have a family. You wanted a family quickly. 

Speaker 1 (7m 18s): Yeah. I want to say, Hey babe, you know, we're in love, young love. I want to have four daughters. That was my plan. I love it when you're young and you just have all these ideas as if they'll just happen, like what delusions are granted do we have? And just like that total, whatever. So I went right. I'm going to have full girls. And he said, well, I've got four sisters. So we've probably got girls in the genes. So anyway, we went about, you know, getting into it and we had, when I was 23, I then had twin boys. Oh my gosh. I just stared at them and went, wow. I just couldn't have even imagined myself with one and two twin boys. 

Oh my gosh. So yeah, so we had twin boys and then we said, Hey, I love it. Obviously we were still quite young and not watching enough TV. We went, let's just have one more. And because we were already crazy busy and then yeah, 26 months later, we then had another set of twins. So we had twin boy, girl. So then we had full kids in 26 months. Raisy I was only 25 years old going, oh my gosh. You know? And I must've just looked really young Isabel, because I remember they focused just like every way, breastfeeding baby on the boob twin boys going feral. 

And this man came to the door to sell something and he opened the door. He asked if my mom was harmed. I'm like, Hey fella. I am the mom, you know, I'm in charge of his household. So yeah. And then I have my last, my last paper I had when I was 32. So five years later we had one more girl. So I've got three sons, two daughters, and now 30, 28, the twins and my daughter is 22 and a, and I've got two little granddaughters. 


Speaker 0 (8m 59s): Are they in Australia? 

Speaker 1 (9m 1s): Are, they're actually only three kilometers down the hill. See them all the time. And I'm, oh my gosh. Like just brings you back to that pure love. Right? Just divine. I just get so excited to see them and yes. 

Speaker 0 (9m 15s): Oh, beautiful. I hope when our girls, if they do decide to have kids, we get to live close. Cause I want to go in and spoil the kids. And then, you know, not only were you a mom and a wife, then you decided to do what 

Speaker 1 (9m 36s): Well to poker the copper. All right. You know, so I, my journey was a bit strange that when I was, when I was young, I was always sort of gray. My, I grew up in a family pharmacy business. So I was always told you're going to be a pharmacist and you're going to help, you know, your dad run the pharmacy and one day on the pharmacy. So it was just this predetermined life story. And I was like, oh, that's such a shame that I've gotta be a pharmacist. Like how boring the majors were working in one little shop. It just, wasn't doing it for this creative spirit that you can see as Annie. And I went, well, what do I want to do? 

I'm going to be a business woman. I want to make a difference. I want to make and create things. I want to have a purpose. So I always had that in a desire, but I thought it wasn't possible. So while I had my four kitties and I had a little moment, we've all had those moments of just crying. I had more potential, you know, and my husband's like, you're the best day, but I'm like, I know I'm totally awesome. But like, I really thought I would just do the things. And then, you know, and I got up really just like, and I love my kiddies to bits. It's not about that for the moms listening in, you can just want it all right. 

And then I went, well, how do I do this journey? So I, by default in, when my, when I finished school, my dad had three armed robberies and he's in my final year. When you're putting down your name of what you want to do at university, I just went, I love him so much, but I don't want to die. So I didn't put down pharmacy. I put 10 nursing. So I became a nurse and I was fine, nothing wrong with nursing professionals, 

Speaker 0 (11m 2s): You would have been such a fun nurse. You'd be my kind of nurse. 

Speaker 1 (11m 10s): Oh, Bob and Nasr let's deal with that. So I was at sinus and then I went, okay, here I am. As a nurse, I was supposed to be a pharmacist. I'm now a nurse. I'm now married to this gorgeous, gorgeous man. I love to death. I've got my full babies. Well, what has happened with my life? And then I had this inner desire of, well, what, you know, how on earth could I? And it givens this crazy life story B, I'm a business woman. And then I went, well, I'll just do breadcrumbs. And just, I, I chose this word. My word is curiosity. I became curious about what I could do. 

Not, not what is probably my reality. So then I went and said, stepping stone. So I then did a master's of education. So I became a nursing teacher. I became a head teacher of a nursing school. I went well, that's pretty managerial. And my kids used to laugh when they were growing up that whole childhood. I had a little post-it note on our fridge. It says, mum has higher level managerial skills just watch me. And they used to go, mom, eat, don't have high level managerial skills. I went, I do. I do. Look, I run you guys. You know, I'm running this nursing school. 

And it was a bit like that. It's like, let's have fun with this. Right. Don't make it too crazy. Cause the craziness was, you know, in the real world I would have been male. I would have done an MBA out of school. I would have just done my career. So you can either whinge or go, well, that sucks. Or you embrace your essence and go, well, what if? And so my journey of what if actually did exactly that I did. I became a head teacher of nursing school. I got my master's of education. I then became a national manager for the Australian orthopedic association. 

I then dared to dream a bit more and then went, what if I could become a CEO of like a health organization? And so I did business, business courses, company directors did all this stuff. I am a bit of a learning nerd who would have thought. And, and then I ended up getting a role as the Australasian society of ultrasound, medicine, CEO. And I was there for five years. I then did a couple of years of consulting. I've currently, I've been the CEO of <inaudible> Australia, which is an iHealth charity for the last five, four years, four and a half years. And I absolutely love it. 

And so I've got this crazy journey. And in there I also set up my own consulting business because women used to go, how did you do that? How you know, how do you make it look fun? How are you still smiling? How do you, how did you say, you know, get through all the naysayers? Cause I've had a zillion naysayer, 

Speaker 0 (13m 35s): But I want to kind of just stop. All right. Where's my, where's my stop. Where's my stop. I don't have a stop, but anyway, I usually have a cell phone. My wallet just stop for a moment. I want to backtrack because I know what it's like to have big dreams. Okay. And when you voiced them to the wrong people, it can kind of go. So what did you say to the naysayers? Because I know that you had naysayers. What did you say? Because people, the listeners have gotten naysayers. The listeners have big dreams, but they've got naysayers in the family, friends workplace, take it away. 

Speaker 1 (14m 11s): Yeah. We'll have nice eyes everywhere because no one, actually no one really knows your true heart and what you're capable of. They don't know you, they have a perception of you. And that perception is based on who they are. And it could be because they actually don't believe you have the capacity or maybe they do in you're a threat or maybe you, you do. And that makes them feel uncomfortable. There's so many factors. So once you get past all of that, you learn that really. If you're aligning your self-worth with someone else's approval, it's always going to be a negative outcome. 

It's going to be a very slim, it's going to be a long time waiting to actually have the happiness and joy. And so I did have those naysayers when I, you know, when I became nurse, you know, nursing, even when I went to become a head teacher nursing at interview, one of the ladies said to me, well, how will you going to be a good mom? If you get this very important job. And I'm like, wow, talk about soccer to my mum, her heart, like, yeah, yeah. You know, and I've had that many times, oh, you seem to juggle so many things. 

How do your kids cope with that? How do your kids cope with you being so driven or whatever? It's always a negative or I'll then go. When I went back to university, you know, well, do you really think you're able, you know, capable? I don't know if you were seen as, so academic during your schooling or whatever that it's this view of limiting. It's like, they didn't know. I don't, you know, and you're like, wow, why is no one backing me? Like gorgeous hubby? Like who just with my biggest fan and he'll have a giggle. And he says it regularly. You know, when I went from being a head teacher, noticing that at the time people went, you've got your best job ever. 

You should just be, why aren't you set aside? And I'm like, wow, I love my job. I am awesome at it. But what is this like? And they're like going, no, Eddie you've reached, you know, when you reach your, the top of your tree, you know, you should be happy that, and it was a really weird thing that I was happy. That was the funny thing. I have been happy doing everything, but I always had these feelings, but what if there's more, what is potential? And then I, then even when I went to the orthopedic surgeon job, I had all these people going, are you w you know, why are you even applying to these things? 

And the same journey happened? Why did I apply for CEO job? Are you kidding yourself? You don't have. And then I, so a bombshell, when, you know, when you have those aha moments, it was this moment of right. Okay. Everyone says, I can't all the time, but they, you know, I had that, even when I had the twins, how are you going to cope? We just cope. What do you do? Give them back. I just find ways you get creative. You get the snake cheats. 

You realize that, geez, the lesson number one is, don't be a perfectionist. Cause it's all going to go south. From there. He realizes that you can have fun with things, make it humorous, you know, challenge yourself in the early days I used to go. I used to actually be driven by prove them wrong. Now I actually just do prove my potential. Do it for me. I don't have to, I don't need validation from anyone. I'm actually in that other space, which you can do. And all of this journey is, you know, stepping stones to your own. 

Self-actualization right. But back in the day, those listening in, you know, because you're craving it, I'm, I'm currently a country, a number of people who go, why don't they see me widen? And I go, exactly. They should. You're also, it's not what you would like. You know, it is lovely who doesn't love the woman fuzzies. Right? You know, when someone just, when you're not expecting tells you how awesome you are and how you're so worth, you should apply for this and do this and do that. Everyone loves it. So human nature is to love approval. 

But when you actually find that deep driver and that purpose that you go, I'm doing it because it's important to me we'll will change because you don't make that approval anymore. So then I then had this mindset shift of approval is an extra blessing, right? You're pinned on it, depending on it. I'm not going to do what I want to do. Right. I'd still be doing my old job. 

And, and there's nothing wrong with anyone at any stage of their life, whatever job you're doing, you know, it's not about that. It's actually just going, what's in your inner heart. And the more and more I speak with people, Isabelle is that those, those little things in your childhood, which really, you know, they're innate qualities in you. You just, you know, you lead, you love people, you you're creative. You're an innovator. You've got these little, you know, we've all got quirky ways. Some people are great artists. They just, you know, they're musicians. They see things in different ways. 

Everyone has gifts and talents. And it really is that core nature that you want to now, I spend my whole time scaling that up, you know, lead with your strengths and just max out on them and then keep working at the little bits, but don't get bogged down by them and definitely for the naysayers, you know, I think you get some options. You either go and say, thank you for that. However, I'm really confident I'm moving on in this direction. Anyway, you know, you don't have to be rude to them or you could actually play the game go. Well, let's just wager a little bit on that. 

Let's see how I go, because I'd be a bit more like that. 

Speaker 0 (19m 36s): That's totally me. I would say when peop, I mean, I still do. And I go, well, yeah, exactly. I go inside myself. I don't speak this out, but I'm sure the energy is picked up and it's translated into words I'm inside going. Hmm. We'll see about that. And I just go for it. And I agree with you, people, you know, you can't wait. We're too, we've got way too much to do. We can't wait for people to approve. And when they do approve people are so fickled, they change like that. 

We can't just wait for people to give us approval. We got to know in our hearts, this is the right thing to do for the world. And it's going to serve and add value. And I love, I love that you're there and you want people to go to their next level. And I just wanted to say, before we continue, you're an Eagle and Eagles fly, you know, and F equals go high and you want to go high. I get that. And I applaud that. 

Speaker 1 (20m 35s): Thank you so much studies. It's like soaring, right? I've even got that on my web page. You know, I'll be your wings, you know, until you're ready to soar. That's actually on my webpage, you know, and that's exactly what it is because I've always had that view of, you know, I am very strategic. I've always saved things. I've seen big vision. So I've actually gone. Like, even at the moment, I'm running this iHealth charity and they, you know, they had their goal for the first year. Like, let's see if we can earn 70,000 or a hundred thousand. And I then put my emails out, going who's, who's committed to raising a million dollars to save sight in this country. 

I'm not. So I'm just like, why claim something small? Right? Let's just go maybe a million's limited who's to say, but you know, this view of, you know, if you are a Sora, if you are someone who just needs to, you know, find new pastors, see opportunities, some of it's just fascinating. It's not always just to make more money or to get a better title. It actually is just fun. You know, how many times do you want to learn an instrument? Learn a language, just make people I love. I'm building lots of online plan programs at the moment. 

I'm becoming all techie. And actually I love it. You could outsource that. I go, yeah, I know. But I actually liked the learning. So you do things for different reasons. And at the core of this conversation is what are your reasons, knowing your reasons, knowing your values, knowing what drives you, knowing what you actually want to achieve from it. Because that's how we measure our success. We should be measuring success on our own terms. You should know what those terms are. Then how do you measure it? You're always then swaying in the wind Weddington waiting for someone else to measure well, who are these people? 

Anyway, one thing I wanted to share with you too, of I've often thought while you're waiting, you know, when you're waiting for that approval that we were talking about before, you know, when you finally get it well, who are those people anyway, have they done what you wanted to do? Have they been in your space before you they're the people I want to, I wait for their, you know, I want to know what their approval is or their, their support of me. I want to know, because they've actually trodden in those steps. They know what you want to truly, everyone else just has an opinion and how 

Speaker 0 (22m 46s): I know 

Speaker 1 (22m 47s): They don't even know what you're talking about. Anyway. 

Speaker 0 (22m 50s): I know. And they have opinions and recommendations for like, you don't even get me, you know, Hey, Are you okay? 

Speaker 1 (23m 1s): Yeah. I just liked my battery. And sorry about that. Just had a little bit of a, 

Speaker 0 (23m 7s): Yeah. We don't want you to sign off. Oh, Annie, Annie. You're so funny. And you know, I, I'm the same way. Let's go for a million. Let's go for a billion. Let's just go. And if you reach it great. But if you, if you, if you reach small, then I mean, who 

Speaker 1 (23m 27s): Read small, you get, you get what you ask for. I tell people all the time, don't get, don't ask for what you expect, because let's face it. You're not expecting very much. You don't really know when you first start off expect what you ask for what you dream. You know, an example of this Isabelle is when I became CFO, commerce, Australia, I then went and said, okay, we need some really high profile people to be our patrons and ambassadors. You know, you're going to get cheerleaders. You're going to get people on your team. So anyway, we ended up getting, you know, so it's kind of like, well, who, who do we know? 

Who do we know? Anyway, I ended up getting the governor general of Australia. Like it doesn't get higher in the land. And we've got NXS, sexified play a cook. Pengelley who's pretty, pretty darn cool. He has glaucoma. Now, why did we get those people? Because I actually went and said, you know, I didn't go and say, you know, pretty pleased, whatever. I'm like, you know, to the governor general, I actually went and said, you know, sir, do you want to help me? So, you know, safe site in Australia, do you want to help be a part of saving people with mental blindness? And like, who's going to say no to that, right? 

They want to have passion. They want to have purpose. They want to know that they have a difference. You know, cook. It's the same thing. You have glaucoma, you have incredible rage. If above that, a campaign I'll reach, you know, hundred thousand people. I put him on board, we, we reached 12 million and I go, so why wouldn't you use this opportunity? If it's real, if it's not real, then I don't want to know. I don't want to miss a lot. But if it's, if you're totally in that space and you have an opportunity. So not only is this conversation about reaching your own potential, it's actually doing that. 

Not just from sell off, it's from collaborations, it's from aligning with other people, because then you get, my favorite word is about, which is synergy, Synergy, those listening in synergies. When the sum of the parts, you know, you just explode the value of some of the, you suddenly go, wow, one person can only do so much, but you know, you just get an army of believers. And that's what I'm doing to my believable tribe. Now of women just believing in themselves, making a difference, encouraging, collaborating over competing. 

And it just makes a different, 

Speaker 0 (25m 37s): I love that. And at the end of this, we'll, we'll let everybody know where they can reach you. Okay. Whoops, you froze there for a second, but oh wow. 

Speaker 1 (25m 46s): We're like one 

Speaker 0 (25m 49s): Lady we're like a POM and the hurricane we bend, but we don't Bray. Now, Annie, on a serious note about you becoming an overcomer. I mean, you know, just to kind of just get back to life happening. You said that it was okay for me to bring up a, an ugly, messy, scary time in your life when you were about 11. And also when you were 15, I love interviewing overcomers. 

And you were so young when this happened to you and yet you're such an Eagle and I just, I love you. I love your spirit. I always want to know you for the rest of my life because you're, you're me, you know, you're the type of person I am. And I, I like surrounding myself with people like that. Do you mind sharing with people what you had to go through? What happened to you and you 

Speaker 1 (26m 43s): Overcame? Yeah. Sure. So when I was 11, so just that bridge time between primary school and high school, I was being babysat by a family relative and I ended up having a situation of, he, he, you know, it started off that a lot. I've been given a camera. Do you want to, can I take photos of you? And then making me, you know, taking more and more clothes off and ended up in ripe and, and then totally devastating situation because I, all of my it's that, do you tell your mom surely they would notice over then became I think for anyone looking at know, I find it hard to believe that you would have noticed, you know, in your room all the time, not coming out, not eating spiraled in within six months of anorexia, I then had that eating disorder for the next, probably three or four years. 

And you know, my whole world changed because I was that, you know, you can imagine me as a young girl, right? Bubbly, bubbly, bright, fun. Everything's possible. Everything's funny at to then go. I've just feel so lost in why wouldn't people know that I'm hurting here. I didn't know who to tell I, then when I went to high school, I then went and told one of the counselors who told me that I shouldn't be making up stories and very dangerous. 

And this is very attention seeking. And I needed to learn how to make friends in high school, my aunt in a healthy way. And I was like the first person and the only person that I then reached out to tell just when, why would you be such a horrible girl? And it was just really just so shattering. It was just show shattering. Look still makes me cry at 54. Your tears are always just there. And so, you know, the family didn't know he, then when it said, you tell anyone that I will kill you. 

So I just had this. Wow. Like not just hurt you, kill you. And I'm thinking after what I been through, I'm like, I just, yeah. And then it also linked to wait, you know? Cause we're being, you know, so obviously I was always a chubby little kid and you know, even having this photographic element, it was like, you know, not only will I kill you, I'll show people, photos of you. And like, you're thinking now, if you're showing photos of that, how did you get them? But you don't think on that level when you were like, oh my God. And that was my worst fear. It's like, wow. Imagine if everyone's so how fat I wasn't chubby. 

I wasn't like as if that's the problem, right? How mental is that? But that's the reality of an 11 year old. Who's just devastated. Shattered is embarrassed about herself. Obviously. Then the effects of that is then you just go, I don't, you know, that probably triggered the anorexia as well as the trauma, multiple facets are probably a textbook case. And so that then ended up, I was like top of my class in year six to the bottom of my class. And they were like, I just look at this sort of narrative going, wow. 

If that was one of my, someone, I knew someone, my daughter's like, what are the many, many red flags that you're not saying? Sometimes you don't, but my situation I'm thinking they should have had so many red flags. And so, yeah, that was really painful. And then at 15, the same relative had a party and invited all of his friends, lots of alcohol, no supervision. My family didn't have any supervision, really rules. And I ended up getting right to gain by a number of people in just a neighbor's yard. 

So then it was like, where I live, like, this is not like my whole sense of in my house, like contrast anybody. And then, yeah. And then at the same time in all of this story, my mum was telling me I had to go and get on that. So it took me to a doctor to put me on the pill because I would probably be one of these people who would sleep around, like have this really weird view of me. And I'm like, wow, why I'm going to a doctor to get put on a pill when I'm not sleeping around. 

This is at about age 15 or 16. She obviously thought I was a bit loopy then obviously I probably was. And so I just had this note, no support. And eventually I told her, of course she told me that I, I was ruining her family, that I was a liar. I've always been a liar. Lot of blanket statements are manipulative. I'm out for my self I've destroyed her family, whatever. And so I then then took that in my early twenties to, I have to be the good girl. I have to be a better person. 

I have to, you know, so it was, this probably did drive a lot of that overachievement stuff, to be honest, you know, I have to be good enough. What if I do this and this and this when I wanted to do it and all the stuff we talked about before, but also that combination of, well, you know, what would it take for them to go? She's not this person. They think she is like, how can you be called a liar and a manipulator and this horrible person who's trying to break up families. Whereas like, it just doesn't even compute. So maybe, you know, if I'm the best mom, I've got to go to his family, go to his hobby career woman, go to all this stuff and yes, on paper, it's amazing. 

And I love every bit of it, but also I don't have to do that to get my worth. That's why I, now I run programs on self love and self care and that the sexually devices, even if all the way to C-suite achievement, actually, you know, there were so many women exactly like me actually. You know, as you understand who just below the surface of the perfect is tears of wow, this trope and people have had traumas, you know, in my story, unfortunately is not uncommon. 

And there's so much worse, but it's not a competition. It's like really shitty things happen in life, which are not your fault that people should be aware of and responsible. And this is how we create change by having these conversations to actually bring it to the forefront, to actually go, you know, how many I would have spent years going. I hope no one would ever know. And now I go, well, I, why am I the victim? I'm that? You know, why am I worried about them or their response? You know, it is uncomfortable. 

It's uncomfortable having these conversations, but we need to have them because it affects so much of your life. You know? 

Speaker 0 (33m 20s): And we know, we know that the trouble ends. We know eventually the trouble ends, but the trauma lasts a long along. And that's what you have to deal with is that trauma. And that's what a lot of women are dealing with. You know, we look great on the outside, but deep down inside stuff has happened. You know, 

Speaker 1 (33m 42s): Trauma is huge. And how do you respond to it? And life is complex, you know, it's not just, you know, so my scenario was, you know, then I suddenly had these little twenties, right? And so we're at a family picnic and I've got my kids now, I've got four kids. Like, you know, my twin boys are running this direction and I'm trying to feed one and you know, it's a stressful situation. Anyway. Plus I'm in, out of the corner of my eye watching safety, safety, sure. Feeling really unsafe. And then I'm seeing this person need them and around them and then touching, you know, playing with them. 

And I just lost it. You know, I, so I put up with this, I, I self sacrificed, I'd say for a good, you know, decade in there of, oh, I'll try not to be the problem. I'll, you know, make sure everything is okay. And then I lost it at this because it actually went to my core mother, heart of, I don't even care, but you're not gonna ever, ever, ever do anything stress or upset or cause trauma to my children. So I picked up my kids. I had the tantrum, everyone in the family was outraged of my behavior. 

I, you know, because they didn't know, you don't go and talk about this. You just go, oh, she's, she's, you know, she thinks she's super mom and her kids she's too precious for everybody or whatever their impression was. And I went and then like, I went back and I said, look, sorry, I'm not going to those family picnics anymore. I'd love to see all the people individually or whatever. I've actually got up own my own space. This I'm now a mom of a family. I have to protect my own kids. And I actually have to then start valuing myself. And unfortunately still I left myself later. 

I went to therapy later over it. And the therapist went, oh my God. You know? And we can always go, yeah, that would have saved me a decade of pain. If I'd done this, how many times we rip ourselves up about that. But eventually that was my tree learning that you go, yeah, it's not fair. And it is sad. It is sad that I have these disconnected relationships with people. It is sad that they've got these perceptions of me that are not true. You know, things can be sad. And, but that doesn't mean that either, if we'll have to bend it for that. 

So someone else's view of what they wanting and they're dealing with, we'll make it. Okay. Cause if you, that is a very messy space that people can spend decades in. And at the end of the day, no one wins. You know? And so for me, that's been, it's been, that's actually been a really hard journey, but I've, I've ended up making it the fuel to go well, okay, well, I can live my best life. I can be the best version of myself and I will have many floors and I'll have many families and I'll learn from them and I'll Google my way through them. 

And I'll put challenges and use my own quickie ways of dealing with those. And, and I will speak out about domestic violence and I will speak out about women getting abused and I will empower women globally to own their self on their space. Step up, stand out. Not everyone has to share their story, but I believe every woman needs to know their own worth and love themselves for who they are. And this, this culture, this secret culture, which I grew up in the eighties was secret culture. 

You never imagined if anyone knew, knew your business, that that culture meant that all these people who've suffered trauma were never heard, never loved, never supported were incredibly lonely and isolated. And the damage of that is just, you know, it goes on for decades. That's right. You can, you can move on in different ways of therapy, but that's right. But the lasting effects of the trauma are always, you know, just, just at the surface. And it's very, it's very challenging. So I thank you for the opportunity. 

Speaker 0 (37m 20s): Well, because you know, that's what it's, it's about. Everybody has a, everybody has a story and I love the fact that you've made your ma the mess that you were thrown into into a message of hope, which is, I love that you just, you just decided I am taking hold of my life and I am not going that way. I'm going this way, because this is the right way for me. And I don't care. What other people say. I want to ask you, are you talking to your mother or are you talking to your father? 

I mean, how's that relationship? 

Speaker 1 (37m 53s): Well, my father was my absolute rock handed up. We, you know, probably in my early thirties we had the open conversation and he went and said, I don't understand it. I can't process it, but I believe you. And I believe this is real to you. So it didn't actually go. But you know, when someone gets, I believe you're suffering, whatever you guy, let's kind of not quite there, but his heartless even. And that's what I even said. You know, it's kind of like, even if you don't, even, if you don't believe the story, then obviously then the next level down is that I'm actually mentally unwell, which you actually think I am so surely you would even have compassion of that. 

And then you go, you're telling lies. Right? So I found, I actually started in many levels. So he actually did, but then he went and said, you know, your mother can't cope with this kind of pressure. She could end up jumping off the weak, the gap we call it, you know, they speak, you know, whatever. And I'm like, wow. So you're telling me if I stress my mother, she will suicide over something like that. It's like, what's what's with that. So, so my dad ended up passing with a brain tumor five years ago. And so that was really sad. My mom, yeah, she hasn't spoken to me for a couple, two or three years. 

We went to a therapy session over it, just to have some closure, just to send some very minimum little rules of what would work. And I, and I find, I find that incredibly sad. It's, it's sad on many levels, but I also go, but I've waited a long time. And I, you know, if it's not hard, you never, you know, with family, it's never, never, you know, or if you actually came back and went and said, you know, that's right. Not even, don't even have to believe the story, but I love you for who you are. And if this is, this is your journey, then I still, you know, have love for you. 

And I, you know, I would love her to be involved in my kids' lives, but she's not, but she's not. No. So, well, interestingly, she's in, she's involved in my son's lives, but might not. Well, my daughter's lives. So there's probably a complex girl thing happening now. I don't know. So my two daughters don't see her, but my sons do so, but I don't, I've never had that view of don't see your grandma, like you should have a relationship with her. You make your own decisions in life and she's real grandma. 

So I'm, and the kids have been surprised by that going mom, when you know how, you know, whatever. And I went, no, I'm not that that person, I actually just go, it's just sad. And there's loss. There's actually more loss from her side because I'm a busy, happy birth and I've going heat. Stephanie. I actually wish you would get to enjoy that. But sometimes people can't, you know, get out of their positioning, right. They back themselves into a position and it's like to the death, the death, and that's what it is like. And I go, well, it's just really, it's actually really sad because, you know, if that was me, I would just be, you know, I would never want to be out of relationship with any of my kids, you know, for whatever the situation. 

And, and as we know, our life gets messy. They're already having their own situations in their, in their twenties. And so, you know, it, life's not fair. And then what is fair? Anyway, what's our expectation. What's how entitlement, no one said there were any promises with it. You know, people will have stuff, but it's about journeying through it. And being there for people and a default belief that, you know, 99% of people are honest and true. If they're coming to you with a traumatic situation, they're not doing it just for the fun of it. There's no joy. Even the reality of my story. 

Why would a high profile CEO running a business? Whatever my whole branding is on that, why would I then have a negative story? That's actually quite unpleasant. Like, wow, I'm finding it hard to find the value as you know, that's I don't, you know, so it's, it's, I think relationships are complex as you know, there's not a recipe for it. So for people who are listening in and go, yeah, that's right. There is, you know, if you're in that situation and go, you know, w what do I do? 

All I, all I can tell you is after journey through these complex situations, you know, you can only do your best at the time, you know, not to beat yourself up, but while you're, if you're self sacrificing your health, your physical health, your mental health, and the risk of those that you love being harmed. There is no grounds for movement there. You know, you just go on, you just got to claim. It's like, you got to plant your flag and go and say, okay, this is, and then spend your time then finding out who you are, who you are, that person you even were when you were that young girl, that at that time of that trauma at the time, when these people, when they say, as an upset, you, who are you now? 

You know, how do you want to be who you want to be? And that's where my, where are you now? Where do you dream to be? You know, I actually go, you take with things from the past. It's not throwing everything out. There's awesome. Things there. There's awesome learnings, but basically they're gone. It's gone. Like the past is gone. The future is a possibility. I want to dream big dreams. I always want to be continuing to grow and to fun, explore joy. And, and so w to be that person to be that next step, the next step of my Annie, what if is everyone else your listeners, what's their next step? 

You know? Well, to be that person, you have to be is the sum of your today's. It's not your past. It's your, today's what you do today and tomorrow. And the next day will create that future. So therefore the, the necessity to actually, you know, know who you are, know your values, not know what you're aligned with, know what you're passionate about. Let it drive. You have fun. If you're not having moments of just excitement. You know what, actually, you know, when we talk, you get into a topic and your energy level goes up, right? 

Your, your, your, your focus, you love the focus when you love doing something. It doesn't matter what it is, the time those, you know, you're in the job. You're in the moment you, you know, so we need to spend more time focusing on that and then been extending that into, it might be a business that might just be who you are. It might be who you are as mom might be, who you are, you know, as a philanthropist or as an environmentalist or whatever it is, everyone's gonna have their passion thing. Right. And it shouldn't flood my view equate with money. 

You know, I think it goes in, it's beneath that. Sometimes you can get your passion to be, you know, your work and, and you get that win-win, but you don't always have to. I think if not, everyone's deep core, passion will work out that way, or it might eventually, it can take a very long time. But I think everyone has that core desires of what makes them tick and what makes them happy. Absolutely. Enjoy Having fun along the way. 

Speaker 0 (44m 38s): I can see you at a hundred. You got another wet. Let's see you got another 46 years before you hit there. So I like the way that you've just course corrected and say, I'm going this way. I just wanted to say to the listeners, it's something that I've learned. And I'm sure you've learned too, is the art of forgiveness and making sure that, Hey, you know what? I forgive you, that you don't get me. I forgive you that you hurt me, but you know what? I'm not going to allow you to continue to do that to me. 

I have the right to forgive you, but I also have the right to not continue talking to you or seeing you, yes, I'll be respectful to you. If I have to see you, I will be respectful and loving. I won't like not do CPR on you. If you're having a heart attack, you know, I will be a human being to you, but I don't have to talk to you. And I don't have to listen to you. And, and I forgive you. And, and I like, I have to forgive people so many times. I know that I need to continue forgiving people when I see them, or I hear them, or I, I, I see their name and my back just goes like this. 

I'm like, I still have to forgive you. So I forgive them. And that's a power. That's a power that we all have is forgiveness. And another thing I also is how putting a fence up, you know, make sure you put a fence around your heart and make sure you tap top in the posts so that people's anger and frustration and meanness, and just yuckiness does not bleed into your heart. You know, don't, you know, but we've got to remember all of us have to remember that there's a fence out there that we thought to put up. 

Because if not people, if there's no fence, people's junk, we'll just go straight into us. So, yeah, exactly. It's like, come in, come in. 

Speaker 1 (46m 33s): And also we know in a way, if you're a, if you were just a lovely person, people will take advantage of you, you know, you know, for those people listening in and then you always go, yes, you have to focus on. Yes, I can help you. Yes. And why? Because I don't want to be a bad person. I want to be known as being kind, all that sort of stuff. You know, people will take advantage of you, you, and, you know, I don't blame them. You know, if some, if you've got someone who's always saying this to you or, or is lets you get away with things, you know, people will be opportunistic and taking what they can eat is very much exactly what you said, Isabella. It's about saying, saying, I'm I know, you know, for me in my world or coaching, I talk about driving in your lane. 

I know what my lane is. I know, I know what the, you know, the perimeters of it are. And then someone else's then explain, I align with people who are in that same sort of space. But if someone comes crashing into my lane, I know it, you know, it's like, I, because I, I know what my boundaries are. I know what I'm stand for whatever. And so I don't hate them. I just go and say, oh, sorry. You know, unfortunately I'm unavailable get out of here, But also that's exactly it. 

You don't need to, you don't need to be rude, but you don't need to be, you don't need to say yes to everything. And you know, and if you do, you're actually, you know, you're robbing actually robbing the world from seeing the essence of you. Because while you're doing all of that, why are you getting distracted and crowded? And we're all just overcrowded by stuff. You lose your ability to focus on that matter. You know, they're rubbing your time and your energy for really good things. Not, and this isn't just selfish. It's not just the, so that you get everything you want is actually so that you can do and then give and be the person that you want to be. 

That forgiveness is true. If that's where that saying forgive, but you don't have to forget, right. Forgiveness just gives you that release. And it is amazing. It's like, and do you want to forgive them? No, they have stolen your heart or ripped it into a million pieces. But while you carry that they still have power at the moment. You actually just gone say, okay, I'll forgive it. I don't know what was happening in that person's life. And I, and I actually On-site, you know, okay, we're done, but you don't then need to yeah. 

You learn from that. You don't then have to carry the, carry that on to accept new things, put yourself in their space. No way. Why would you, 

Speaker 0 (48m 53s): I know, and it's not, let's, you know, segue into self-love, you know, the definite what I want to ask you, what the definition of self love is and saying yes to everything is not self-love, it's not protecting yourself. You know? So with that, I opened the door for you to teach us about self-love because, you know, we're not taught to be loved. We're not taught to love ourselves. You know, that's like very egotistical and 

Speaker 1 (49m 20s): Oh yeah. Yeah. Well, you know, you may remember when you're a little kid, you know, it's just like this negative thing, you know, and no one particularly little girls too, you're always told to be good, be giving to other people to be generous to other people. It's not about you. You're quiet and not heard, you know, so it's a very shrinking concept and, and, you know, and, and self love to me is the, the ability to actually, you know, it's to actually be the authentic version of who you're born to be. 

You know, I believe that everyone on this planet is born for there for a reason. They all have unique, authentic gifts, some talents and spills and hops and things that make them tick. And we're all quickie. And we'd once we, you know, really untapped that, and it's also right. And so self love is actually about saying, not being, it's not, you know, that I think Katherine Hepburn had that comment of, if you know, it's not selfish, it's, you know, it's a, it's a, it's not a, a luxury, it's a necessity, you know, self-love and that is absolutely right. 

Self love is actually going okay. Well, if I given this body, this being, how do I love and nurture it, her self to the best of my ability to get the best out of it. If I, you know, even if I thought from a marketing perspective, I bought a new product. What do I want to do? I want to Polish it, shine it, feed it, nurture it, look after it. I want it to be the best that it is. So why do we not treat ourselves that way? You know, if we, you know, I think of that day that my babies were born and you've just got this little being and what is your mama heart want? 

You want to go? I want you to be the happiest person. I want you to be joyful, satisfied. I want you to be content. I want you to be exploring the things that whoever you, little unique human being, I want you to love and nurture that. Like anyone would say that. And then something happens when we then get these naysayers and we get chipped away and we get told different messages and we have, or the tall poppy syndrome. Do you have a tall poppy? Poppy in New Zealand is amazing. 

That's a tall poppy syndrome in Australia. That's why most of my clients are in the U S U S chiefs, love empowerment, Queens. You know, it's like Andy can achieve globally. You know, they level that stuff and Australians alike. And how did you call, how did you get called the, you know, the transformation queen? Like what, you know, you can just see their little faces crunch up, like why? Because it doesn't make you feel comfortable. We're in a culture of everyone's. Okay. And we really like everyone to be the same, you know, in the same sort of pond so that we don't feel discomfort. Right. 

Whereas American culture is a lot more, you know, it's military be the best, you know, honor your soul generalizing here, but it's really quite, it's quite different. Yes. So whatever. So self love to me is, is actually saying, yeah, that's right. So therefore, if I, if I love myself in my true essence, it's about saying that it's about having those conversations to myself, any, you know what, you know, I, I love the way that you've got these strengths. I love the way that you want to empower women. 

I love the way that you've turned, you know, these traumas to make it your life purpose, to empower others, you know, love your crazy ways. And when other people go, you're a bit meant a lot. You're I go, I love it. You know, I, I love myself by not comparing myself constantly, because if I'm comparing myself, I'm spending so much time watching, wanting to be someone else. And I've got no idea about their 95% story behind whatever they're trying to portray. You know, if I'm on Instagram or, you know, most of it is airbrushed and fake people are showing you their very best version of one aspect of their life. 

Why would I compare with that? So I'm, self-loving myself in that way by choosing not to compare, to stay in my lane and to build my own self I'm self loving myself by eating well and being healthy, sleep healthy foods, exercising I've become a tracker. I climb mountains. I pushed myself physically. I want to go particularly in this stage of Elliot menopause. Woo. But you know, I'm wanting to make sure that my little crazy hormones are in their best shape ever because my body's going, Hey, why? 

But it will be better. I'll get the best version of myself by that's right. Sleeping. Well, having time to myself to explore things that I'm doing to, to, you know, nurture my essence if you like, because when I do all of that, you know, and we can go on and on. I'm apparently having a month of self love on my platform, actually. So anyone who wants to reach out to me just come and join. It's free. It's a month of self-love just follow my socials and it'll give you inspiring inspirations every day. 

There's no limit to how you can love yourself. And what you'll realize when you start unpacking this journey is actually just going, you know, hello me, you know, who am I? And why don't I actually, if I treat myself the best that I can, you know, in all aspects, physically, spiritually, emotionally, what comes into my little lane, what stays out, knowing what I value and all of that, then I'm then able to be this best version to then go and do those things. You're a better blessing on the planet. 

You then get into, you have all that energy and time and focus to make a difference. You know, not everyone has to be a huge legacy maker, but you know, everyone has the opportunity to then go and give a gift to a neighbor, say some nice words, come out with a positive, you know, positive words of affirmation for someone else help them on their day, give to a charity that they love, do these things that we want to do. You know, and I feel like the whole planet, when you actually focused on self love, you realize that it absolutely is the core of everything. 

You know, 

Speaker 0 (55m 14s): It's not self-love is not selfish. That's just one thing that we've got to understand. What is selfish is when you don't take care of yourself, then your glass is empty and you don't have anything to give to people. People, people need other people, but if you're not full, you know, have a full glass, I'm just using that metaphor. Then you don't have anything to give, 

Speaker 1 (55m 37s): To give. Plus you Rob other people, you crazy because if you're not giving it to yourself, you also then brave off other people. And that's why other people suck stuff off you because they're desperate. They actually have that in themselves. And looking for the other vices, the, you know, the, the shopping, the sex, the, you know, the demanding behaviors on other people to actually feel their lack of self love. That's pretty selfish. 

Speaker 0 (56m 5s): And I think that's something that we really need to start teaching more of and encouraging and empowering people is self-love is not selfish, self love. Like if I had a prescription right now, I'd write prescription self-love, you know, just do it for an hour every day, whatever it is, or a half an hour or 10 minutes, or, you know, like for me, for me being in the car, when I'm in the car, I will listen. I only listen to positive things because there's, I don't even watch the news for me not watching the news is self-love. 

My mom is like, how can you not be watching the news? You've got to know what's happened to the mom. If it's bad enough, I will be doing I'm practicing self love by not listening to the news. You know? So it's okay. 

Speaker 1 (56m 52s): Your day doing that. It influences the rest of your day. If you wake up and instead of going straight to the phone and checking out how amazing everybody else's, if you actually just get up, have a little moment, think of those people that you love and adore, go to the mirror and go, oh, that's fine. I'm thankful that I've got these, you know, healthy features or something. Nice. Say, nice affirmation. You know, Isabel, you're going to have these great day interviewing any given day. You know, you go, girl, I love what you're doing. You know, you say nice things to yourself. You think about who you surrounding yourself with. 

You know, who's actually bringing, you know, the right kind of energy and love into your space, you know? And, and then you then, yeah, that's right. Look at your day. You know, have you actually spent a little bit of time on exercising, stretching? What did you cook? You know, it doesn't have to be super amazing. It's not about perfectionism. It's like, oh, well I just ate this bio organic thing over lunch. And I did this and I spent all these hours cooking. I know it's going to do that. It's not setting yourself up on attainable outcomes. It actually is saying, if you have this flow of self wild through, and it can start with, you know, five minutes, you can start with five minutes a day, just go. 

I've never really thought about this concept. I'm just going to put in in five minutes, you can say an affirmation. You can bring, you know, choose, make a choice on what goes on your sandwich. You can choose to have some mindful moments and actually stop and smell the rose. You know, you can choose to say some nice words in someone's day in five minutes, you can make such a difference and imagine, and just start stretching that out in your day. It's incredible. It is life changing, you know, and it's so opposite. That is selfish. It's crazy. You know, these are the world shakers. 

The change manager is actually usually using a lot of self love principles. You know, don't look busy and rushed and selfish. They're actually just in their own space being themselves. Right. You know, when you just look at some people, you know, you just go, they've got their own brand, their own style. It's because they've actually claimed it. They know it. And that is you don't want to hold all of the visions that, you know, we don't want a zillion Isabel's or any is, you know, just be yourself. I don't 

Speaker 0 (58m 59s): Think the world could handle. And I want to ask, I want to ask you one last thing and that is where can everybody find you? Ah, 

Speaker 1 (59m 12s): I am so Isabelle. So thank you for asking that question, go to Annie Gibbons with an and find I have two coaching programs actually that are full programs. One's called make magic personally. And one's make magic professionally because that's what we do. We can make magic happen, believe in the impossible and it will happen. And then I've also got a whole, a little short courses or my social you'll find there as well. So just go to Eddie, also come and join me for a month of self month. 

Self love, how timely, you know? And, and that's the cool thing, you know, when people think they miss something, it doesn't matter. I drop in at the middle of the month and just take it to the next month. Right? Like miss in life, you just say, I'm ready at this moment. And I'm going to get on the right train and see where it takes me. Right. And then you'll live in, create your own lane. 

Speaker 0 (1h 0m 5s): Yeah. It's all about course correcting just course, correct every day. Okay. I'm going that way. If you get off course, because they say the, when the astronauts are on the way to the moon or Mars or something, they're only on course 97. No, they're only on course. 3% of that course. They're, they're actually towards their target. 97% of the time. They're off course. And that's because NASA is course correcting them constantly. 

It's like an everyday thing. So that's why I always say course. Correct. 

Speaker 1 (1h 0m 40s): I love that. I love that Isabelle, because that's exactly it. I call it adjusting to the wind. Right? When you, when you, you don't usually go from a, to B, you get blurred, right? Last blows. You even pilots. That's right. We'll get blown off. Course. They they're course correcting people often think that that's right, honey. Well, how do you, how do you go from 18 to go welcome? You then just be a business woman. No, you know, unfortunately I had a lot of wind in there. I had to navigate five kitties, three degrees, life trauma, crazy shit. 

And then I then went. Yeah, but eventually, but you know what? If you know your destination, you don't even have to know the exact destination. You just need to know what it kind of would look like, what it would feel like it's got to be a strong magnet and then you will actually get big because you'll you'll course correct. If you don't know what you want, 

Speaker 0 (1h 1m 32s): Then you're not gonna, Well, that sounds pretty good. 

Speaker 1 (1h 1m 39s): It does sound good. 

Speaker 0 (1h 1m 42s): I want the listeners to know that all of Annie's connections will be in the show notes below. Okay. Annie, thank you so much for being with us here at the MD and chef team, you've been so much fun. I'm sure we'll be together again. 

Speaker 1 (1h 1m 56s): Most definitely. And so listeners make sure you plan to win. Make sure you then prepare to win. Make sure you expect to win in your own way. And so, yeah. Go and have an awesome day. It's been so fun talking with you today. 

Speaker 0 (1h 2m 12s): Thank you. And thank you listeners for joining me on Dr. Isabel. You note that here at the MD and chef team, and just go out there and share that gorgeous smile ears in the world and self-love okay. Do something for yourself. Fill yourself up so that you can share it with the world. Okay? Because if you're half empty, guess what? You won't have much to get, right? Annie, a hundred percent may not be a glass. Be an overflowing glass, go fill up somebody else's glass goes you're overflowing. 

All right, go out there and remain unstoppable. You guys take care of 

Speaker 3 (1h 2m 55s): Hello, chef Michael here. If you enjoy today's episode, we would love it. If you subscribe to the podcast and left us a review.